I’m a 70s child, barely.

I’m the oldest of 4 kids, born and raised in Wilmington DE – can’t touch the 302.

Went through public school and loved it.

Went to a christian college in the middle of the Ohio cornfields and loved it, cherished it, wouldn’t have traded that time for anything (Plus I met Erin there!).

Married right out of college (2001) and then proceeded to move to Dallas to pursue my masters (this experience will get its own blog entry someday).

Have an awesome wife Erin who has brought incredible balance to my frenetic tendencies. This side of heaven she’s the closest picture of love I will ever know.

I have one son, Luke. There is no substitute for meeting him.

I have 2 cats, Chandler and Joey. They are a primary reason I made it through seminary. They were up with me through all hours of the night usually laying on top of my laptop or the book I was trying to read.

Personality tests say I’m an ENFP, an otter, a networker and a wooer/includer/maximizer/relator/activator.

Characteristically I’m social, a catalyst, intuitive, adventuresome, adaptable (or very quick coping emotionally, socially, and cognitively to my environment/situation), better starter than finisher (drives me nuts),  values-oriented, and always in search of inspiration.

I believe you can only become who you’re currently becoming. I believe that God brings people in to your life to influence you and be influenced by you. I believe in the power of the small things, the simple things, the things which we naturally overlook because our pride or our insecurity is too big.

I’m on staff at Fairfax Community Church. I’m a Group Director which means I oversee a bunch (~70) small group leaders which means I coach, resource, guide, and encourage amazing people who lead a small group. I’m also directing an event called Married Life Live we hold three times a year. Retooling our website in the coming months that will bring clarity to everything our small group ministry is and does.

Now for the slightly more complex version of “me”:

In a nutshell I think my life is an illustration of newton’s first law of motion: I stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. I have always been on the move. Not ungrounded but active. There’s a huge difference. Ungrounded has the connotation of preferring to remain “rootless” or refraining from maintaining a lifestyle that would commit one to long term responsibilities, commitments or relationships. On the contrary I prefer to live within the context of these things. However I tend to make everything I do complex. My mind is constantly looking for inspiration to serve as a catalyst for new ideas. This happens without conscious effort. As a kid this was evident in physical activity. Just never slowed down, moving from room to room causing one disaster after another. I’m not sure my mom would have called me hyper, just extremely active. Sports provided a great outlet for me to focus my energy. Maturity and academics further allowed me to really focus my mental energy and ideas. The cultivation of discernment has narrowed my scattered and disorganized mind in more intentional and specific directions. It’s as though I was born with a very raw gift that time, opportunity and the involvement of key, precious people have helped hone into a tremendous ability. I believe there is still more potential before me than I have attained to this point. It honestly scares me. To quote Uncle Ben (Spider-Man), “With great power comes great responsibility.” Exactly the extent and capacity of what my natural and spiritual giftedness is, I truly don’t know.


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