1. Make all communications memorable. The deeper impression ultimately means more and lasts longer than just the trivial act of making any impression at all. In other words, your thoughts and actions should always have meaning.
  2. Realize passion-driven education. The idea that when learning is “self-sustainable,” the need for requirements and other extrinsic incentives can take back seat for the simple desire and hunger to learn. When a learner is passionate, there are few hurdles they will jump in order to realize their goal; and better yet when that goal is reached, they will immediately look to the next goal, and the next one and so on.
  3. Form disciplined imaginations. The concept that being creative may be the first step for an artist or designer, but to understand the implications of the learner’s local actions as they map onto the global sphere of influence in the world. That the elegant vacuum in which pure knowledge exists can only escape into our regular world by knowing the greater context and processes necessary to make an impact — change requires discipline.
  4. Foster empathy for all. The moral implications of our actions in the world are only felt when we know how to care for others. Without knowledge of how what we do affects another, then the effect of our actions are not only meaningless but can be harmful. An artist is often in the unique position where she/he focuses attention on a particular issue which can cause pain, but releases understanding. Empathy must pervade all aspects of expression to achieve true meaning for one’s audience.

Yo-Yo Ma

For many, it is true that times heals. But time can also cause us to forget what has been overcome. In the case of the Holocaust I only know what I read, see and hear. Without those who share history I would never know.

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